Membership rates are based on the Content Cycle. Simply choose whether you would like 1, 2 or 4 articles per month and we take it from there.
Services include email marketing, website maintenance, search engine optimization, blog and content writing and social media management.

Develop fresh content every weekHere’s how our content cycle system works.

Step 1: Meet with us to discuss the period ahead. You provide us with a topic and any practice news and special offers for the month.

Step 2: We write articles based on your topics, include appropriate art or photographs, and submit all material to you for approval.

Step 3: We publish and promote this new content through your website, email marketing, forums and guest articles and press releases where appropriate.

*Some members also engage us to run ads and promotions with this content.

Step 4: Meet at the end of the period to review the results of activity and to plan the next period.

Extra Benefits of Membership

  • Members get special rates on our advertising services. We typically advertise with Google,  Facebook,  WebMD and Healthline and can tailor to your patient base.
  • Special rates on development prices – 20% off regular non-member rates
  • Library of shared resources (images, infographics, general articles) to use to supplement your custom content.
  • Free weekly site backups and wordpress / plugin updates


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Membership and Initial Setup

What do we need to do to get set up?

  1. Information gathering – We visit with you and your staff to learn about your practice, your specialty and what sets you apart. We also research your competitive position online and learn from you what your marketing goals are.
  2. Website – New members come to us with all levels of websites – we cater to your needs by offering four levels of website development.
    1. New custom website
    2. New semicustom website
    3. Modify current website
    4. No changes needed

    Prices vary. Contact us for a free analysis or use the calculator to your right to get an estimate on your cost based on your need.

  3. Photographs –  We send a photographer to your office to get office shots and portrait photographs for use in your material. This can be waived if you have good quality recent photographs that we can use.
  4. Project planning – We will make suggestions of avenues to pursue and projected timelines based on your content choices. We set initial statistics so you can measure progress.

How long is the membership commitment?

Membership is renewed annually and paid monthly.

Monthly Activities

What is a content cycle?

Each new topic starts a new cycle. Once we start a topic, we research, write, add infographics or images and disseminate the information. Typically clients want a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly content cycle.

How often do we meet?

That’s up to you. Your membership includes one meeting per content cycle. Some members like to meet for each new content cycle, others prefer to plan three months at a time.

What if I can’t think of a topic?

We can help! We will always have suggestions of relevant subjects. Since we focus only on the medical industry, we make it a priority to stay up to date with medical and healthcare news and trends.

Where do you promote the content?

At the beginning of your membership, we define together the avenues that best suit your practice both geographically and by specialty. We promote to these areas together with your own website and social media pages.

What about guest articles?

An advantage of being a member of AZ Healthcare Marketing is that we can coordinate guest articles on other members’ websites and social media, there by helping you to reach a larger patient market and to develop strong backlinks (great for SEO purposes). For example, a hair salon recently ran an article on the benefits of organic color during chemotherapy. We were able to have it placed on an Oncologist’s website and facebook page.

How do I give you Practice News?

If you have anything new to announce, send it to us with as much detail as possible and we will create a custom article for your content marketing. These announcements could include change of address, new staff member, seasonal opening hours and so on.

Can you suggest Seasonal and Special Offers?

We meet with you at least one time per quarter to create a list of appropriate offers for the season ahead.
For example:

  • Seasonal offers and coupons where applicable (10% off teeth whitening during December)
  • Seasonal health alerts (flu season, allergy season …)
  • General special offers (refer a friend and get a free personal training session)

How do you send out the emails?

We coordinate with you to manage your email marketing list through mailchimp or constant contact. Occasionally, members prefer to send out the mailing themselves so we simply set up the template and the front office staff takes care of the rest.

Member Resources

Article and Image Library

We maintain a library of articles on a variety of medical, health and wellness topics. As a member, you can choose to supplement your custom articles with this content. Example subject categories are Healthy Living, Preventative Care, New Advances in Medicine, Medical News.
Note. We do not encourage sharing detailed medical information or treatment options in these forums.
We have a large inventory of medical images and seasonal images available for your use. We always incorporate at least one image or graphic in your custom articles.


From time to time an infographic will be available with the articles in the weekly library. Other times, smaller infographics will be incorporated into articles.