Meet Your New Digital Strategist – Emma Kingston

Emma KingstonI have been involved in web design and coding since the early days. As a college student in University College Dublin, I’d regularly find myself writing html for the fun of showing <blink>blink tags</blink> to my friends. This was back in 1992-1994 when the internet was new, people were just learning the words modem, world wide web and email. Ah the good old days!

My love for the world of blink tags – and my American husband – brought me to the Bay Area (or as you might know it “Silicon Valley”) during the boom years and it was a fun time!. A move back to Dublin, followed by a move to (“fine then, let’s go somewhere hot”) Phoenix, two children, two cats and two dogs later and the need to create websites has not changed even though the technology has.

Coco was the size of a large dogI’m working on an MBA – expecting to complete in Spring 2018 and learning a lot about time management.

When not running a business, I like to hang out with my family and friends, ride horses (and fall off them), fix the broken bones from falling off horses and read books. I travel a lot – mostly during the summer months when I take the kids to Ireland and France for the duration.

One last fun fact – I have one arm – born that way and no, it was not thalidomide. I think it’s done me well. It made me more resourceful in the long run I think.